Open-Width Knitting Machine Series

Open-width Knitting Machine Series

  1. This machine can make cloth completely not has crease. Cloth is fully utilized without any waste, thus, cost is reduced and profit promoted.
  2. This machine can be fixed size and tightness of cloth to meet customer required width and code weight of fabric.
  3. When chambray or quadrille is produced, the distance between stripes or between grilles at cloth head is completely accorded with that at cloth end.
  4. A roller speed changing gear is also provided to render cloth weaving density to be extremely evenly and stably; and it is easy and convenient and to handle with time-efficiency.
  • Advanced CNC computerized dlgital control assembly centre applies the subtle assembly and the special treatment of superficial dealing techniques whtch can guarantee the stabiity of the machine operation and the durability of the machine 
  • The machine features the latest design of central lift adjustment system, the level of lifting is precise, the error is within 0.05mm. The structure is neat which cause the least adjustment of the clearance of the weight in yarn yard, the tuning is easy and subtle.
  • The cams of each model of the knitting machine series share the same cam block which can be altered easily on each segment. Through the interchanges of the different structure of needle tracks and different model of cams, it will convert into a new machine model.  The specified design of cams will make the shape of the loop neat, stable, with good knitting pattern and can feel the fine touch.

The cams and yarn feeders which are exclusively designed by our company can make the needles to shift during the best state of condition when the machine is in operation, in turn, leading the yarn to knit from the perfect angle, especially having excellent performance in knitti­ng with the synthetic fiber and long silk.