Double Electronic Computerized Jacquard Knitting Machine

Double electronic computerized jacquard knitting machine

This machine chose the needles in cylinder by computer, so you can make your design at will for jacquard knitting. Computerized needles selection technology enables production of various jacquard fabrics without limiting pattern range. This function overcomes the disadvantages of common mechanical jacquard in limited knitting range, and saves the time for changing patterns.

The design of control system adopts the most advanced micro-processing technique to mount the electronic computing system and computerized needles selector in the machine set, keeping the machine's overall neatness and nice looking.

No special drawing software is required. The universal drawing software available in market is acceptable.The face pattern may be scanned into or directly designed in computer,and then be converted into needle selection program by WAC DESIGNER software EXPANSION after color correction and drawing modiflcation.The program is thus saved in the disk and passed to machine for running. Quick change of patterns maybe realized in serverl minutes.  The pattern data may be saved in computer hard disk or floppy disk.







18G -24G

52F -84F

13 -17