Single Terry Circular Knitting Machine

Single Terry Circular Knitting Machine

This machine is featured with different types of sinkers which can knit towels of different height of loops pile.  This machine can be  featured with reversed cams and normal cams respectively.  A rich velvet with protrude loops can be knitted if the reversed cams are  used. a velour will be produced after brushing the double side of the fleece while the normal cams are used.  Moreover, a stretchy  towel can be knitted when an additional device of lycra yarn feeder is installed.

The fabrics knitted by this machine widthly available in senior garment, sportwear,infant or children clothes and industrial textiles etc. The products include: general terry fabric, blanket particles cloth or superfine fiber fabric etc.

Single terry circufar knitting machine : 25 rotation speed per minute. speedy. high productivity rate. average length of yarn, neat filer  pattern and yarn leak proof filling,  This machine can be converted into Single Jersey four track circular knitting machine, three end  fleece circular knitting machine or multi-feeder wide band of coloured garland machine.





Applicable Yarn Materials

BQ – T/2F

30” -34”

18G -24G

60F -68F

Cotton, Synthetic Fiber, Blending, Silk and Artificial Wool.