Established in 2000, PT Hotama Machinery  has grown and integrated into one of the most competent and well established textile machinery, accessories and spare parts agency in Indonesia. Better known today as Hotama, we strive to keep our partners satisfied by upholding the “FIRST” Principle which covering first class product and services,  Always want to provide the best service quickly, precisely, easily, accurately and prioritize satisfaction.

As an industry leader, Hotama has a vital role in supporting modern textile industry in Indonesia. This is realized by providing a wide range of high quality machinery that employed cutting-edge technology which is imported from  China and Taiwan In order to meet the expectation of our customers, we also put ourselves as a professional partner that provides the best solution in technical and non-technical services.

The company has a long history of growth that encourages the almost insatiable desire for modernization and expansion. Embracing new technology, increasing existing ones, adding new products to its portfolio, and commitment to quality are at the core of its corporate philosophy.

Its product range includes almost all textile products from various yarns and fabrics for products such as embroidery machines, jenset machines, socks machines, sperpart, etc.



We represent textile machinery, equipment and spare parts from our trusted suppliers in China, Taiwan and Indonesia. Our sales network is located in several key textile fields - Jakarta, Bandung and Solo.

  •  2000

        Establishment of synergizing with to market the machines as a complement to our Division.

  •  2001

        Establishment of support sales services for knitting machines.

  •  2004

       Hotama Machinery has fully developed into a professional and independent business organization apart from the holding company

  •  2017

       Implemented to support Hotama business activity, thus providing fast delivery and fully-integrated operational system.